Nokia 1100

nokia 1100

Released in 2013, Nokia 1100 is the best selling phone in the world and is also the most popular. Its main characteristic is simplicity. The phone was built in such as way to allow the user to have a resistant phone with good signal, the longest battery life and the easiest way of use. This device is far from anything you would consider fancy.

Today, most phones are made to look fancy and to have as much performance as possible. But, the mobile phone industry has changed completely since this phone was released. We use tiny computers today that we call smartphones, but the 1100 remains a legend and probably will remain in the future as well. More than 250 million units were sold until now, leaving Nokia 3210 on the second place. This phone is also the billionth mobile phone sold by Nokia. The sales for the latest smartphones are not even close to what this simplistic model has achieved.

The 1100 is not only the best-seller of all phones, but of all electronic devices like television sets, computers, music players, cameras, etc. The battery is very good, allowing more than four hundred hours of functioning before it has to be charged again. The 96 x 65 screen is monochrome and there is a lantern LED at the top of the phone. This flashlight is very useful in dark areas. Another cool fact about the phone is that it is made to be durable. When you drop this phone, there are minimal chances for it to stop working.

The design is made in such a way that dust and water cannot get inside. A Bulgarian-American designer is behind the development of this phone, named Dimitre Mehandjiysky. Even if smartphones are completely different in design and functionality from the concept on which Nokia 1100 is based on, this phone is still used by some people, especially because of the long battery life, its simplicity and its durability.